These Hairstyles Will Hardly Take 5 Minutes

1. A Sexier Bun

This is a variant of our old times classic bun. We let the perfect bun have a few imperfections so that it is able to look more fashionable. Nobody can deny that it looks better in this new way! Here is the way you are supposed to create this look:

Sexier Bun

1) Spray your hair with the needed amount of leave-in conditioner and then blow dry it using a cold setting; make sure you only use your fingers to do this.
2) Using a comb you then tease the crown of your head, the sides of your head and the ends of your hair very lightly.
3) Now with the help of your fingers gather all your hair just as if you would for a mid-pony.
4) Start from your hair ends and roll your hair strands in the direction you want it to be twisting in.
5) You have to keep rolling your hair till you reach to the top of your head, use the thinner side of your tease comb for the “poof” you want and make your hair loose from near the crown of your head Right when you are able to get the exact shape you want you have to pin your twisted hair to the rest of your hair. In the end you have to give it a very light spritz from a holding spray and Voila!


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