11 Celebrities Who Went Crazy Over Their Popularity

There are things everybody secretly want to achieve in their life, one of it is popularity. Once achieved, some play it cool, while some, well they take it to their head. Here is a list of 11 of these celebrities.

1. Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen

This dude, Charlie Sheen who started ruling the hearts of his fans after he starred in the TV show “One and a half men” most people know went crazy. This probably would not have surprised you and that is why we have kept him on the top. The guy went infamous and met a mental breakdown soon after. But the reason that he got less popular too was because he was not in his right mind.

He had been acting for 30 years when he started to behave not so right with his co-workers. It was believed that this was due to his high intake of drugs and alcohol. Apart from this he wanted a raise, an unquestionably big amount. In the fall 2010 when they started the new season’s shoot, the season 8 Charlie had started to look very ill and would not look good. He would be sweaty almost all the time, had come thin and weak and was always grumpy. It reached to a point where he was no more bearable on the sets and the main character of the show got removed by the authorities. He is reported to have soon employed a lifestyle full of drugs and alcohol. The consumption has been reported to have make him lose mind even further.

Now his acting career has ended and nobody would star him for big shows. Later on, he got reported his name back to his birth name, after being called by his stage name for about 30 years. And is reported to even have quit his twitter.┬áRight now he has only not so famous shows offering him roles, like the TV series “Anger Management”


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