Ageless Beauty Secrets of 6 Celebrities

1. Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga apart from being a very talented singer has beauty beyond compare. The star singer, has a baby soft glowing skin that makes her face look very beautiful and makes her presence in any get up. Stefani Joanna, if we use her birth name, has been a songwriter and singer for some good long years in Hollywood now. We still do not notice any change in her skin and today we will reveal a few beauty secrets of hers with you guys. Her beauty after all the second most important reason for her to be able to get into the industry of Showbiz. Johnsons and Johnson’s as she claims is to be credited for what her skin looks like today. She has been using this world’s best baby lotion over her skin to keep it baby soft and firm. She washes her face with ivory soap and that is an old technique to make skin look beautiful. To save her skin from the harmful effects of the sun she also keeps a sunblock with her wherever she goes.


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