15 Photos From 2015 That Almost Broke The internet

Just because a picture nearly breaks the internet doesn’t mean it has to be comedy. The original breaking the internet phrase did come from Kim Kardashian after all.

Here is a picture that was really popular this year of a man who is falling from a shower curtain in a bath tub. Back in the olden days, or in houses that weren’t as expensive as someone living in the upper middle class, you would sometimes find a combination of a shower and a bath together. They did this for two reasons: you couldn’t fit a shower and a bath in the bathroom because the root itself was too small and it’s a cheaper solution to the double-ended problem. If you cannot have both, then just make a combination of both in the one. The problem with that for many was that it was slippery at times if you were opting for the shower option over the bath. The other problem is that if you were to fall over, you would be met with incredibly sharp corners.


Now with that in mind, you might enjoy taking a second look at the p[icture of the person falling down and doing it nearly head first. Ouch.


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