Most Outlandish Moments Caught On Live TV

Thanks to the invention of the television that has given us the opportunity to witness many shocking moments while broadcasting live. From celebrity fashion disaster to acts of terrorism, from surprising plane landing to high-speed car chasing, from natural calamity to political murders, the ordinary people have witnessed those incredibly shocking moments sitting in front of the televisions and sharing them on the internet. Sometimes live TV is proved to be network’s best friends where sometimes it becomes the worst nightmare. Here we are going to share some of the weirdest moments caught on TV. Have a look at them –

# 1 Live Murder of Alison Parker and Adam Ward

Live Murder of Alison Parker and Adam Ward

It was a revenge race murder where Alison Parker was on live television interviewed Vicki Gardener at an upcoming event on the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of Smith Lake. The interview was being filmed by Adam Ward when suddenly Parker and camera operator Adam were brutally shot by one of their fanatical co-workers who murdered for taking revenge. The entire incident took place before the television viewers as the locals were watching it live from their homes.



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