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15 Summer Fails That Could Happen To The Best of Us

Summer is a fun season for those who love being out in the sun without having to put on layers of clothes. This season comes with a lot of beach activities and all the outdoor fun that you have been desperately missing throughout the winters. However, all the things that seem to be appealing as not as appealing because they have certain issues attached to them. So, if you thought that summers are the best time of the year then we need to show you how some people are not enjoying them and such mishaps can happen to the best of us. Ready to see some of the summer fails? Keep reading.

Lady's sunburn on face
Lady’s sunburn on face

These Cameramen Captured More Than Expected

Nobody is quite sure what’s happening in this picture. Apparently this lady didn’t get the memo about skirts and helicopters before she hopped on this flight. It does appear as though this man might have known what he was in for. Could it be a set up? Hopefully it fell back down again before you got up to greet the pilot.


Most Unfortunate Wedding Pictures You Ever See, Don’t Miss #5 Hilarious

For most of us, wedding is the happiest and most memorable day of life. Therefore, we want to relish those memories throughout our lives by capturing the moments in the photographs and videos with the hope that maybe in future, we can cherish those happiest moments by seeing those photographs and videos.

But the story is not same for all. Sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally, you may add some peculiar twists in the memories – whether be it your own wedding or any of your dear and near ones. You may find few examples where embarrassing moments are captured in the photographs.

Let’s share a list of the most improper wedding pictures that will definitely make you laugh. In fact, some of them make you rolling over the floor with laughter.

#1 OMG! What Is The Bridesmaid Doing On The Floor!

#1 OMG! Sleeping Bridesmaid

Among the most inappropriate wedding images, you can never forget this one where you can see the bride and groom are busy in kissing each other that is quite common in a wedding. But what is the bizarre part is that at their back one of their bridesmaids has fallen. It seems as if the bridesmaid is sleeping on the floor.

Now the question is whether the couple was unaware of the bridesmaid or they just cannot wait more to kiss.

Perfectly Timed Moments Captured In Pictures

These are the top ten perfectly timed pictures we have found on the internet. None of these pictures have been taken by us, but all have been researched and compiled by us. Let’s start with what I think should be on the list for its artistic qualities. I don’t think that this is a coincidental timing photo, but it still gets on the list for being clever. Sadly none of us know what country this picture was taken or even what continent. It’s a difficult picture to assess. The cars are so far away it’s hard to tell what models they are — albeit real life models. The buildings could be somewhere in Europe, but then again, they also have buildings like that in New York. The guy holding the car definitely looks European with his collar, but that would also be a generalization and just a guess.