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15 Photos From 2015 That Almost Broke The internet

Just because a picture nearly breaks the internet doesn’t mean it has to be comedy. The original breaking the internet phrase did come from Kim Kardashian after all.

Here is a picture that was really popular this year of a man who is falling from a shower curtain in a bath tub. Back in the olden days, or in houses that weren’t as expensive as someone living in the upper middle class, you would sometimes find a combination of a shower and a bath together. They did this for two reasons: you couldn’t fit a shower and a bath in the bathroom because the root itself was too small and it’s a cheaper solution to the double-ended problem. If you cannot have both, then just make a combination of both in the one. The problem with that for many was that it was slippery at times if you were opting for the shower option over the bath. The other problem is that if you were to fall over, you would be met with incredibly sharp corners.


Now with that in mind, you might enjoy taking a second look at the p[icture of the person falling down and doing it nearly head first. Ouch.

Things That Could Only Happen In Russia

Good old Vladimir Putin is the man behind the great Russian country at the moment and apparently he doesn’t mind to fly fish without a shirt on. We couldn’t image seeing many presidents from around the world going topless in front of the cameras could you? Come to think of it the Austrian Prime Minister likes to swim the ocean and be in front of the cameras in budge smugglers. They call them budgie smugglers over there because it looks like a bird is in the mans pants.


This Is Why I Have Trust Issues

The example of this description where we found it was “have you ever seen an ad for a burger that looks nothing like the burger at all”. While that is pretty funny, we actually have a better burger ad picture coming up so we’ll need to think of another example.

If you think that this girl is so deep in conversation that she doesn’t know what she is doing think again. Women are very good at doing this. They know exactly what they are doing with their bodies and she probably has spent several hours perfecting it in the mirror. I couldn’t think of another example so I told you the truth instead.


10 Images You Will Not Want To Unsee

Here is a list of ten images that you should enjoy so much you will wish you never unsee them. from early Christmas thought, to cats, to massive mullets, to Ninja Turtle bodies. These are the best pictures from around the web for this weekend.

As far as tattoos go, normally people get them done for sentimental reasons. I have seen some comedy attempts before and starting from many years ago, like the mustache on the hand trick where you get the tattoo of a mustache on your thumb and index finger so you can hold it up to your lips. A popular one among hot woman or so it seemed. After a long drought of seeing any comedy tattoos, I then came across this one. Apparently his fluff around his stomach made him think of a cats backside.


10 Women You Won’t Believe Exist!

The following list lets you meet some of the most incredible women to ever walk the planet. In each picture, you will be surprised in one way or another. Let’s kick things off with Pepsi girl.

We always hear about people getting called ‘midgets’ just because they are short, but did you know the vast majority of those people are not close to really being a midget? To qualify to be a real midget you need to be around 4 and a half feet tall. Suffice to say this fully grown and adult woman — Jyoti Amge — the size who can comfortably lean on a Pepsi bottle probably qualifies for that and then some. In fact, she’s so short that she would literally stop traffic in the street, so her posing for this picture in the middle of the road isn’t really an issue.


Lets move on to woman number 2.

Brazilian artist Julio Cesar Turns Photos Of Random People Into Fun Illustrations


Julio Cesar, a Brazilian illustrator has picked up random pictures from all over the internet and has illustrated them. He personally likes to draw people’s random pictures into digital illustrations. He believes that everybody has their own style and Charisma, we don’t know about you but we would love to be a part of his next illustration project. He has illustrated all the characters without missing out even the tiniest details of their personalities and that is what makes this project great. This little girl can be recognized for who she actually is, she has just gotten a little more adorable in the animated version of her.

You Won’t Believe What London Underground Cameras Captured

London: the place where you go to live the dream life where you are surrounded by technically some of the wealthiest people in the world with the strength of the Great Britain dollar — or whatever they use over there. Yes, the British have their pounds, but no cents or common sense if the underground subway pictures we have here are anything to go by.

In no particular order, we will show you some of the people you are likely to find riding the London Underground. If you aren’t too fond of the current picture, make sure you click the next picture because you’ll eventually find something that tickles your fancy.

Let’s kick things off with these two flamboyantly dressed partners. One of them has too much hair and the other not enough. Put them together and they are sure to be married.


9 Embarrassing Family Photos From Social Media

We have a habit of showing people some pretty amazing things almost on a daily basis. Some of the pictures in this post could be pushing the boundaries of what we have shared before like this first picture. Just for the record, we don’t know what substance that is inside of the kiddies pool inside the house, but if I were to personally have a guess, I’d say that they are currently swimming in a pool of Coca-Cola otherwise known as Coke. If it wasn’t to be Coke we’d have some serious concerns as to what that might be floating around. And, frankly, irrespective of what it is, we have a problem with it regardless with a baby in the pool as long as it’s not water.


Weird People Of Walmart

Ever wondered what happens when the class clown finally becomes a Dad? Ever wondered if his mischievous ways disappear or whether they continue? Here’s one example of what might be happening. The good news for us is that it’s actually quite funny.

Dare I say that it’s funnier in a picture than it is in real life. I can only imagine that little girl not getting very far when it comes to pushing all of those items, including her father. Well, at least I’m assuming it’s her father.


15 Shocking Pictures Taken At Walmart

For those that don’t already know, Walmart is the largest shopping mall found right around the United States — they are so large they’ve even expanded in other parts of the world like Australia, although you’ll be hard-pressed to find one over there, depending on your exact area.

You might have seen many-a-funny-picture around the web surfacing from inside Walmart. However, we doubt you’ve seen this new ones before unless someone beat us to showing you recently.

Here are some of the funnier pictures you’ll find floating around the web today of things you’ll find inside Walmart recently. Don’t forget to click the next button and see the next picture because we’ve compiled a really large list.