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Extreme Body Modifications [GALLERY]

Some people in life just dare to be different. Have you ever walked past someone with a giant hole in their ears and thought why/ Why would you do that? It clearly isn’t because you are attracted to it. I think you just wanted to do something that most people cannot or would do do or have. That’s what makes them happy. i get that. In many respects I’m always doing things that the crowds don’t do — whether a subconscious or conscious thought.

The first woman below has decided to change her ears and not just the choice of earring. Instead, she’s surgically change the shape. Not to look like any Hollywood A-list celebrity, but to mimic that of an elf. I guess some people out there just want elf ears. You can expect a few arguments and for this picture to stir up some controversy, and to be honest, I’m not one hundred percent sure where I stand while writing this.


You can understand that if someone wants to change something about themselves, then they should have the right to get it done, no matter what it is, that makes sense here. However, does one really need to spend all that money on an ear to look like something out of peter Pan? You could probably give that money to Africa instead. Furthermore, you are using up a doctors time; perhaps a doctor who could have been doing something useful. You know how people have to wait weeks or even months until they can have important surgery, Well it probably isn’t helped by people like this who wants unique ears.

You Won’t Believe What WalMart Cameras Captured

Walmart is bringing in nearly 500 billion dollars in revenue during 2015 alone. While money is usually at the forefront of most people’s minds when thinking about the company that represents the Dow Jones, some interesting characters that walk through the doors come in a close second. If you’ve been seeing some funny picture of people shopping in Walmart of late, don’t worry, we doubt you’ve seen these particular one’s before unless you’ve checked them in the last few days.


As a soon to be uncle in a few months, I can somewhat sympathize with a lack of enthusiasm to do with baby clothing. As you can see here, the mother was clearly out of ideas with how to dress the young one and decided to copy the doll. Either that or they weren’t consciously aware of where they got her ideas from.