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Lose 10+ kgs in 4 Weeks – Ultimate Weight Loss Formula (13 Images)

Obesity is one of the very common issues that is faced by people of every single age group in almost all parts of the world. And nobody likes having a body that is not in shape because not only you feel complexed when you see physically fit people but now and then someone is going […]

These Pregnant Chicks Are Killin’ It For Hallowen (10 Images)

Those of you who have fallen pregnant before would know what it’s like trying to celebrate occasions during the year along with your friends. It’s not easy walking around with a baby in your stomach. I would know, I’ve been walking around with a pot belly for years. So, do you want to see something […]

8 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads At Home (8 Images)

After acne this must be the most annoying skin problem over your face. The sebaceous glands that help you to keep your skin moisturized cause this problem, when the release of sebum is more than the needed amount. This in turn will clog your pores and you would be stuck with your dead skin cells. […]

These Hairstyles Will Hardly Take 5 Minutes (6 Images)

1. A Sexier Bun This is a variant of our old times classic bun. We let the perfect bun have a few imperfections so that it is able to look more fashionable. Nobody can deny that it looks better in this new way! Here is the way you are supposed to create this look: 1) […]

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