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Lose 10+ kgs in 4 Weeks – Ultimate Weight Loss Formula

Obesity is one of the very common issues that is faced by people of every single age group in almost all parts of the world. And nobody likes having a body that is not in shape because not only you feel complexed when you see physically fit people but now and then someone is going to comment over those extra pounds that have resulted in a wobbly belly or that double chin that you try hiding. The main reason behind a fat body is an unhealthy routine that has a lot of junk food and no physical activity as a major part of it.

This Man Lost 425 Pounds In Just 2 Years, See How He Did It

We all know at least someone who has lost a decent amount of weight and we congratulate them for it, but would you believe that there is a guy out there in the USA who managed to lose 425 Pounds and in just two years?

It’s not hard to understand how it all went wrong: consuming Pizza, take out of just about every kind, the soft drinks with loads of sugar, the Ice-Cream and chocolate bars. The part that you might not yet know if how it all started going right.

Many people these days are getting surgery to lose weight — I know two people. There is nothing wrong with going in that direction. The surgeon will let you know that you have about the same chance of drying on the operating table as you do of giving birth to a child with down syndrome. For those who are wondering, that means a roughly 1 in 400 chance. I remember this because we discussed how that number when you see it on paper actually sounds like quite a high chance but then when you think about 400 people you start to realize that is it probably pretty unlikely.

Anyway, according to the reports on this man, he didn’t have any surgery which makes it all the more difficult. Having surgery isn’t an easy way out like many believe. It comes with it’s own downsides which include feeling really sick after you eat anything and having to adjust mentally to only eating a fraction of what you would normally eat. Still, there is no blood sweat and tears involved like there is with the excise involved with losing 425 pounds all by yourself through nothing but gym work.

Anyone who says they lost all of their weight through just gym is lying. Just like anyone who says they lost all their weight through eating right is lying. It takes a combination of the two to lose a great deal of weight. Sure, you can lose some weight doing either of the two, but not hundreds of pounds like this man.


These Pregnant Chicks Are Killin’ It For Hallowen

Those of you who have fallen pregnant before would know what it’s like trying to celebrate occasions during the year along with your friends. It’s not easy walking around with a baby in your stomach. I would know, I’ve been walking around with a pot belly for years.

So, do you want to see something really, really cute? Check this first woman with a peeking baby through the top. To cap it all off, she’s even wearing a pink bow-tie in her hair.