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This Baby Stops Breathing along Heavy Traffic, Her Aunt Rescued Him Thru CPR!

Pamela Rauseo, aged 37 is the heroic woman we are talking about right now. While on one side of the busiest highway of Miami, this aunt came across the scariest incident of her life. Her 5 month old nephew who was with her in her car stopped breathing, she was on her way back from the hospital after she got a few tests run. The baby boy born prematurely had had a history of congestion and had been suffering from respiratory illnesses since a child. In the picture you see his mother Paola Vargas and also the baby Sebastian de la Cruz.

paola vargas

Most Awkward Moments Caputred in Sports

It looks like Derek Jeter is probably thinking “hey, that's about $250 per squeeze.” It's okay, though — that is A-Rod behind him which means the price will be drastically reduced.


Most Painful Places To Get a Tattoo

11. Shoulder Blades

The upper region of your back is made up of mostly ligaments and muscles, these are very same ligaments and muscles are used in every move we make. Tattooing causes swell ups and pain, having pain in such a crucial area makes it hard to sleep at night. It is also a place where skin is thin, and though padding is sufficient, connective tissues exist and joints are not a very good option to be tattooed.

shoulder tattoo

9 Female Celebrities Who Look Better Fatter

1. Mila Kunis.
Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis — Ashton Kutcher’s beautiful wife — who is loved for her natural beauty, lost a considerable amount for her role in the movie Black Swan. She had to drop her weight to only 95 pounds, to fit in to her role as the stunning ballerina named Lily. As records have it it took her 5 months to lose that weight and though it looked great in the film, in reality it almost looked horrible. She looks amazing with the body mother nature has blessed her with, and we know that she needs to have that body as according to Kunis she got it back in less than a week. Her all natural 120 pounds curvy body is what her fans die for and she got it right back as soon as possible.

9 Species of Wild Cats About Which You May Not Know

  1. Felis Margarita-Sand cat.

sand cat

This cat is also known as the sand dune cat and is the only one known to live in real deserts. The main regions it belongs to are Northern African and Southwestern and Central Asian deserts. As can be seen in the picture their features and what they look like is different from any other wild cat. Their paws are such that they do not come across any difficulties while walking on piles of desert sand. Their bodies have adapted very well to the harsh desert climates as well and can bear up to -5 degrees centigrade and as low as 52 degrees. Their bodies are 29 to 36 cm long and are expected to weigh about 4 to 8 pounds.

Ageless Beauty Secrets of 6 Celebrities

1. Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga apart from being a very talented singer has beauty beyond compare. The star singer, has a baby soft glowing skin that makes her face look very beautiful and makes her presence in any get up. Stefani Joanna, if we use her birth name, has been a songwriter and singer for some good long years in Hollywood now. We still do not notice any change in her skin and today we will reveal a few beauty secrets of hers with you guys. Her beauty after all the second most important reason for her to be able to get into the industry of Showbiz. Johnsons and Johnson’s as she claims is to be credited for what her skin looks like today. She has been using this world’s best baby lotion over her skin to keep it baby soft and firm. She washes her face with ivory soap and that is an old technique to make skin look beautiful. To save her skin from the harmful effects of the sun she also keeps a sunblock with her wherever she goes.

11 Celebrities Who Went Crazy Over Their Popularity

There are things everybody secretly want to achieve in their life, one of it is popularity. Once achieved, some play it cool, while some, well they take it to their head. Here is a list of 11 of these celebrities.

1. Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen

This dude, Charlie Sheen who started ruling the hearts of his fans after he starred in the TV show “One and a half men” most people know went crazy. This probably would not have surprised you and that is why we have kept him on the top. The guy went infamous and met a mental breakdown soon after. But the reason that he got less popular too was because he was not in his right mind.

He had been acting for 30 years when he started to behave not so right with his co-workers. It was believed that this was due to his high intake of drugs and alcohol. Apart from this he wanted a raise, an unquestionably big amount. In the fall 2010 when they started the new season’s shoot, the season 8 Charlie had started to look very ill and would not look good. He would be sweaty almost all the time, had come thin and weak and was always grumpy. It reached to a point where he was no more bearable on the sets and the main character of the show got removed by the authorities. He is reported to have soon employed a lifestyle full of drugs and alcohol. The consumption has been reported to have make him lose mind even further.

Now his acting career has ended and nobody would star him for big shows. Later on, he got reported his name back to his birth name, after being called by his stage name for about 30 years. And is reported to even have quit his twitter. Right now he has only not so famous shows offering him roles, like the TV series “Anger Management”

8 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads At Home

After acne this must be the most annoying skin problem over your face. The sebaceous glands that help you to keep your skin moisturized cause this problem, when the release of sebum is more than the needed amount. This in turn will clog your pores and you would be stuck with your dead skin cells. To start with you should be warned that the most procedures listed here are going to make your skin dry and this would cause your skin to produce more sebum which is going to result in even more black heads. Make sure you do not do any of these more than two to three times a week.

1. Egg white mask.

egg whites

You might have tried rubbing your skin very hard to get rid of those tiny little beasts, but that would never work because the reason causing them was never dirt in the first place. When sebum and dead skin cells mixture is oxidized on an open pore it causes it to be turned black. Egg whites can be used for making a temporary mask, this will help you very must in tightening your pores so that you can inhibit their growth. Egg whites are high in nutrients and this will keep your skin from drying too, you need to separate the egg white from the egg yolk and then apply it in a thin layer over your face. You then have to put a towel or a face tissue over your skin and press it. After it you have to apply a layer of egg white over the tissue itself; you will feel your skin tightening when the first layer dries. Wash your face after some time and pat it dry.

These Siblings Ran Over Their Own Mother, You’ll Be In Tears When You Find Out Why!

As we all celebrated the mother day that has just passed, two sisters wanted to pay a tribute to their mother too, just like anybody else would. But they wanted to do this for a deep dark reason, their story has a sad side. They wanted to talk to their mother and make the entire world aware of what they had done along with their younger brother when they were just children. The older sister was born in 1992 and is Chloe, the younger one known as Annie was born in 1994. They have an age difference of only two years and as kids they have very bad memories of what they had done.

Chloe eldest

These Hairstyles Will Hardly Take 5 Minutes

1. A Sexier Bun

This is a variant of our old times classic bun. We let the perfect bun have a few imperfections so that it is able to look more fashionable. Nobody can deny that it looks better in this new way! Here is the way you are supposed to create this look:

Sexier Bun

1) Spray your hair with the needed amount of leave-in conditioner and then blow dry it using a cold setting; make sure you only use your fingers to do this.
2) Using a comb you then tease the crown of your head, the sides of your head and the ends of your hair very lightly.
3) Now with the help of your fingers gather all your hair just as if you would for a mid-pony.
4) Start from your hair ends and roll your hair strands in the direction you want it to be twisting in.
5) You have to keep rolling your hair till you reach to the top of your head, use the thinner side of your tease comb for the “poof” you want and make your hair loose from near the crown of your head Right when you are able to get the exact shape you want you have to pin your twisted hair to the rest of your hair. In the end you have to give it a very light spritz from a holding spray and Voila!