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She took a selfie for 6.5 years of her life

This is the story of a young girl, Rebecca Brown. She took up a project at a very little age, the selfie project. For a 6 and a half years she kept taking selfies every single day of her life, without failing to do so for even one day. She started the project back in the day when she was only 14 years old and at present she is a grown up young lady. You do not need to do the math, we will do it for you; she is 22 years old now.

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10 Simple Yet Irritating Things One Encounters Everyday

1. When you go to see the firework show but can’t see them properly

Have you ever been to a concert or an event where it is hard getting a good view? This one is about the people who make it even worse for others. You would be standing like a dork watching not the performance being made over the stage, but someone else’s film of it being recorded over their phones. Now we all are not 9 feet tall sadly and that is something these heartless people are least concerned about. They themselves would be viewing it clearly with their hands held high up in the sky, least bothered about the people behind them. And you sometimes would literally come across a situation where the lens of their camera is invading the rightful place of your eye. You would not have bought the ticket if you had to see it over a phone’s screen, we suppose.

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