Horribly Awkward Prom Photos (15 Images)

The school Prom is always a big event for the people involved. For many, it’s the first time they have really dressed up to event that is based on themselves and not a relative or friends wedding. As such, you can expect to find a few nerves in most people’s stomachs, even if they do […]

9 Female Celebrities Who Look Better Fatter (9 Images)

1. Mila Kunis. Mila Kunis —¬†Ashton Kutcher’s beautiful wife —¬†who is loved for her natural beauty, lost a considerable amount for her role in the movie Black Swan. She had to drop her weight to only 95 pounds, to fit in to her role as the stunning ballerina named Lily. As records have it it […]

9 Species of Wild Cats About Which You May Not Know (9 Images)

Felis Margarita-Sand cat. This cat is also known as the sand dune cat and is the only one known to live in real deserts. The main regions it belongs to are Northern African and Southwestern and Central Asian deserts. As can be seen in the picture their features and what they look like is different […]

wildcat species

15 Photos From 2015 That Almost Broke The internet (17 Images)

Just because a picture nearly breaks the internet doesn’t mean it has to be comedy. The original breaking the internet phrase did come from Kim Kardashian after all. Here is a picture that was really popular this year of a man who is falling from a shower curtain in a bath tub. Back in the […]

Things That Could Only Happen In Russia (10 Images)

Good old Vladimir Putin is the man behind the great Russian country at the moment and apparently he doesn’t mind to fly fish without a shirt on. We couldn’t image seeing many presidents from around the world going topless in front of the cameras could you? Come to think of it the Austrian Prime Minister […]

This Is Why I Have Trust Issues (9 Images)

The example of this description where we found it was “have you ever seen an ad for a burger that looks nothing like the burger at all”. While that is pretty funny, we actually have a better burger ad picture coming up so we’ll need to think of another example. If you think that this […]

Most Embarrassing And Funny News Bloopers Of 2015 (12 Images)

Here we have a collection of the most embarrassing and hilariously funny news bloopers of 2015. Lets kick things off with one of the most milder bits of comedy we have on the list. Here is a live broadcast of a woman reporter on a boat and we know how much women usually don’t mix […]

These Pregnant Chicks Are Killin’ It For Hallowen (10 Images)

Those of you who have fallen pregnant before would know what it’s like trying to celebrate occasions during the year along with your friends. It’s not easy walking around with a baby in your stomach. I would know, I’ve been walking around with a pot belly for years. So, do you want to see something […]

10 Images You Will Not Want To Unsee (10 Images)

Here is a list of ten images that you should enjoy so much you will wish you never unsee them. from early Christmas thought, to cats, to massive mullets, to Ninja Turtle bodies. These are the best pictures from around the web for this weekend. As far as tattoos go, normally people get them done […]