Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

We collect basic information such as a users email address if they should choose to be a subscriber on our website, These emails are essential for us to be able to distribute our newsletter and other subscription-based content.

Despite what people might think, subscriptions don’t come with any malicious content. Furthermore, they do come with an unsubscribe button so you can easily unsubscribe any time you want.

Google Double Click dart Cookie

Most people know the cookie monster and cookies as nice treats we eat. On the internet cookies are just as easy for webmaster like us. A cookie is a way advertisers such as Google with the Google Adsense program can track what subjects might interest you. They then use that data such as similar keywords to show you ads they think you might be interested in looking at. Doing so means a higher success rate in finding people interested in the advertisements. There is no other reason to it than that. There’s nobody sitting behind a comfortable chair staring at your data all day. It’s all done by machine — they are far too many people in the world to be that snoopy!

Users can opt-out of cookies at any time and that will mean the DART Cookie is no longer following you and you are browsing secretly.

Our Partners

We partner with several advertising agencies on the web -all of whom are trusted sources. Companies you might find on this website include:

Google Adsense

All of the aforementioned third-party ad servers use technology to show the advertisements on with the help of the web browsers. Understand that has little say over what ads are shown to our readers. They are controlled by the companies who then try and optimize those ads for us based on what information they can find.

Do we use cookies?

No. We do not use any cookies to track our visitors. All cookies are done by the ads being served such as the DART Cookie by Google.

Third-Party links

Occasionally we might include third-party links on our site which leads to other websites. These links can be content ads or just inks put in posts by us which have nothing to do with ads.

Changes to the privacy Policy

We may change the privacy policy at any time. We will always try our best to keep this page up to date with the best of our knowledge.